birthday 4.0

birthday 4.0

birthday 4.0 cake

Today I celebrate my 40th birthday!

I’ve never been one to attach much power to a number.  18 was cool, 21 was fun, 25 was great, 30 was awesome.  I’ve never been depressed turning another year older, and it’s no different this year.

Is it weird that I don’t feel like I’m 40?

Does 40 even have a feeling?

“They” say life begins at 40.  It makes me wonder what I’ve been doing the last 39 years to get ready for this rebirth.  This is a peek into how I spent some of those years…

• 39+ years with my wonderful, crazy family!  My amazing parents, who were blessed to have such a perfect child that never caused them any trouble ever. Right?  My beloved extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins and the trouble we caused over the years.  My loving grandparents and great-aunts and uncles who had a beautiful perspective on life – I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to love them and learn from them.  The friends that are like family (second moms and dads, sisters and brothers that I never had) are an incredibly special gift – they are the family I built myself.  And now I have a gaggle of fun and lovable in-laws – I am truly fortunate.

• 8  years in elementary, junior and senior high school playing basketball (and dragging my parents all over hellenback to go to games, tournaments and camps).  Sometimes I can feel the lingering aching, creaking and cracking from the variety of injuries from those years, but they also made me stronger, more athletic, and gave me important skills to be a better team player in all areas of life.

• 1.5 years attending a large university to learn some important lessons in life (how to make lifelong friends from strangers; statistics 101 and Jack Daniels are not my friends; homesickness is hard, but not unconquerable).

• 3.5 years attending a small community college that carried it’s own lessons (when the road to school is impassable due to spring river flooding, it’s best to spend the morning at breakfast with a good friend; having the same people in both meteorology class and bowling class proves that lots of people in the world have a variety of interests; bowling and camping qualify as phys. ed. credits – who knew?).

• 7 years in a variety of jobs (video store clerk, technical writing assistant, Mary Kay consultant, photographer’s assistant, retail sales associate, potpourri bag stuffer/master bow tie-er on an assembly line, conference call operator) provided vast opportunities for meeting awesome people, learning great skills that I’d never know I’d need or want later in life (tying the perfect holiday bow and the power of a good phone voice, for example), and making a little money along the way – especially when you have 2 or 3 of the jobs at one time.

• 10 years in the beauty industry, including 4 years living in southern California working for the best boss ever (thanks for all of the opportunities, Bev!).  By far the most confidence building years of my life, and learning that when things get crazy and stressful, to remember that “it’s just shampoo”.

• almost 10 years now with the wonderful man who became my husband nearly 4 years ago.  (I waited 30 years to meet the man that was perfect for me, and he was worth the wait!)  All of our ups and downs, gains and losses, travels and nights at home have helped us build a strong foundation to our relationship.  Plus, a man that brings you breakfast in bed on your birthday is always a keeper.

• 2+ years planning and dreaming for our next adventure – building our home and starting our farm on our little chunk of land that we found.  Boy, are we learning a lot!

Life leading up to 40 has been full of knowledge, love, friendship, and hope.  If life begins at 40, I can’t wait!  Bring it on!!

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