Top 5 Goodwill Halloween Costumes 2013

the top 5 goodwill halloween costumes 2013

I have to admit that I’m really not that into Halloween.  Any holiday that includes spiders is not up my alley.  (I mean, do we really need to hang 6′ spiders from our front doors, people?  Eww.)

Even so, last week my friend and I were out shopping at the local Goodwill, and couldn’t help but browse through the racks of clothing that they picked out for their Halloween display.  I picked out a few things that I thought could be some interesting costume ideas.  Tell me what you think…


Hootenannie Dress

#5  Children of the Corn at the Hoe-Down



Valentines Vest

#4  Homicidal Home-Ec Teacher



Preschool Dynasty

#3  Alexis Carrington teaches Pre-School



Quilted Flower Explosion

#2  Substitute Summer School Herbology Professor at Hogwarts


And topping the list…

Hip Hop Overalls

#1  Fresh Prince of Green Acres


New Kids on the Farm


I’d love to know your captions for these costume options (or better yet, let me see some of your craziest costumes!!)

Happy Halloween!



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