Sesto Brown Boots

Fashionable Friday: Brown Boot Victory!!

It has finally happened!  The perfect brown boots are now in my possession!

It has been a long, hard road.  I had previously referenced my exhaustive search for a pair of brown boots, so I had to share the final victory.

Mr. O actually ordered the Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots for my birthday (per my specifications)…


Paige Tall Riding Boot - Frye


They arrived, and they were gorgeous.  I mean fantastically beautiful.  Alas, they do not have a zipper.  I tried everything short of cutting them open to get them on, to no avail.  My apparently freakishly high arches would not allow me to own these boots.

And I was sad.

After hours of online searching, I had actually run across these Sesto Meucci boots several times, and thought they were perfect!

Sesto Brown Boots


Unfortunately, NOT ONE SITE had them in my size.

And I was sad.  Again.

Then, on my birthday, my BFF and I were killing time at a chichi little mall near my house, waiting for our husbands to arrive so we could go to dinner.  We browsed at Tiffany’s, Coach, and Louis Vuitton (I had actually had the nerve to walk into only one of those stores before, and that was to buy a key chain for my niece’s 16th birthday).  Then we walked past a tiny boutique called Marmi and my BFF, being the BFF that she is, said, “Hey, they have boots.  Let’s go look!”.  I went with her begrudgingly, knowing that if they did, by some miracle, have boots I liked in my size, I would never be able to afford them.

So, I followed her into the store.  We looked around, and I saw lots of beautiful shoes, but no boots that fit the bill.  We chatted with the friendly sales guy who kept alternating the holiday hats he was wearing.  We turned to walk out of the store, and out of the corner of my eye I saw them.  I literally stopped in my tracks, dropped my jaw and did a double take (I know, I’m a dork).

There they were!  (Cue the angels and harps)

As my heart raced and palms sweated, I lunged toward them while shouting “Do you have these in a size nine?”.

And they did.

And they fit.

And they were ON SALE!!!!!

And there was much rejoicing!  (name the movie)

They now have a cozy little place to reside in my closet, since the exact same day I bought them we received several inches of slushy snow, which begets ice, which begets sand and salt, which means I’m not wearing these babies out of the house until the ground outside has thawed and dried.  But I’m perfectly happy wearing them around the house to break them in over the winter.

And please don’t believe anything Mr. O says.  I really do not sleep with them at night.

Have you had any hard-won fashion victories?  Let me know!

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